I just listened to an inspiring talk by  Claudius Conrad, Director of Music in Medicine of the Department of Surgery and the Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine.  He delivered this talk at the Ideas Boston conference last year.  Near the end of this illuminating talk, he speaks directly to a study related to providing music as a stress reducer to patients in ICU and patients with ICU delirium on mechanical ventilation.

Dr. Conrad is well-known for his work understanding the role of music in modern medicine. He holds an MD, a doctoral degree in stem cell biology, and a doctoral degree in music philosophy from the University of Munich. He has been awarded several honors for his work, including the Excellence in Research Award, the Leadership Award of the American College of Surgeons, Steinway Artist, and many others. As a trained concert pianist and lecturer, he promotes the scientific use of music in medicine at prominent institutions around the globe.

Take 20 mins and listen to the talk. I found it very rewarding.

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